Friday, January 2, 2009

Ronny Rowland "Flying Solo" exhibit

ARTichoke hopes everyone had a wonderful holiday season. Ronny Rowland's exhibition of outsider art has been extended at ARTichoke until December 15. Intriguing, interesting, colorful, and thought-provoking are some of the words used to describe his paintings. This is Ronny's first solo showing, and we are very excited that it has been so well received. Don't miss this opportunity to see and purchase great art at very reasonable prices.
Our trees and decorations are still up, because we have hand made ornaments, etc. on sale starting at just $1.00. Christmas candles are 50% off. Many other items, including some paintings, are 20% off. If you've had your eye on something you saw at ARTichoke, come check it out. It may be on sale. But hurry, before it's gone.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Davenport chosen for official Blues Festival Poster

Congratulations to our own Tony Davenport, one of ARTichoke's featured artists, for winning the 2008 poster contest for the Delta Blues & Heritage Festival. Tony was selected from over 20 participating artists from around the country to design the official poster for the 31st annual festival, which was only recently unveiled.
Observers describe many of Tony's paintings as having "movement". It's easy to see why his work would be used to depict the raw undulating beat of the delta blues. Learn more about Tony on this blogspot below. See the winning official poster and learn more about the blues festival at
Among Davenport's paintings currently hanging at ARTichoke are pieces from his "After Hours" collection, including "Stella's Groove", Holiday Portrait", "Satchmo", "Panoramic Pool Hall" and "Gallatin Jazz". Other works include "Rapture", "Headliners", "Mayflower Nights", "At the Alamo" and more. Davenport's star just keeps getting brighter and brighter, as we knew it would.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Outside the Margins

Now @ ARTichoke paintings from artists that are "outside the margins", works by patients in the Mississippi State Hospital Art Services and Community Services programs. Outsider art, also known as folk art, is produced by artists that have had no "Formal" art training. Its a really hot ticket item with folks all over the country. There will be paintings, drawings, collages and mixed media. For a glimpse at some of the fantastic art, check out this video on YouTube:

Thursday, April 24, 2008

ART camp @ ARTichoke

The children truly enjoyed their time at ARTichoke, creating unique artwork. Wire sculpture, paintings, collage necklace and canvas, batik, candles and tie dye paper. Friday, July 19th the children will show their collective artwork from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

After Hours

"AFTER HOURS" is an incredible exhibit of new paintings by popular Jackson artist, Tony Davenport.
It will be hanging at ARTichoke beginning March 20th and runs through April 20th, 2008. Tony, a native of Vicksburg, Mississippi is a graduate of Jackson State University and currently resides in Jackson. Tony has participated in various professional art competitions and invitations throughout Mississippi. In 2006, he was commissioned to paint the murals inside the Robert Johnson Blues Foundation Museum in Crystal Springs, Mississippi. He also designed the original posters for both the 2006 Highway 61 Blues Festival and the 2006 Mississippi Delta Blues & Heritage Festival in Greenville, Mississippi.
When he came here 10 years ago Davenport says he was intrigued by the architecture and interesting buildings in the Capital City and by the stories that went with them. Much of his work includes these recognizable facades, including a self portrait which depicts Davenport with the King Edward hotel visible in the background. However, Tony says the "City with Soul" theme recently adopted by Jackson inspired him to produce his "After Hours" series which is being exhibited at ARTichoke starting March 20th. "After Hours" includes night vistas of Jackson landmarks, local scenes and familiar people and places. Davenport's art tells a visual story of this city and its people from north to south Jackson, and all points in between.
Descriptions of Davenport's work range from "provocative" to "intense" to "cool". Whatever the words used, his paintings always evoke a powerful reaction. He is clearly a rising star in the art world. Join us in celebrating the opening of this incredible exhibit on Thursday, March 20th from 5:30 pm until 8:30pm at ARTichoke, 1012 E. Fortification in the historic Belhaven area of Jackson. Click here to see more of Tony's work .

Local musician Scott Albert Johnson, the "Umbrella Man", will be performing on the covered patio behind ARTichoke for the event. The singer, songwriter and harmonica player was raised in Jackson, Mississippi. After attending Harvard and Columbia University, and living away for a while, he has returned home physically and musically. His unique style of blues, jazz and more will thoroughly entertain and captivate you. Read more about Scott here and come hear him at ARTichoke during "After Hours.".

On street parking will be provided.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

"ART in the Dark"

"Blues Tapestry"

The store was beautiful inside and out. The quilts were beautiful, the food was magnificent and lots of people came. We were set to have a great event, then about thirty minutes or less into the reception there was a massive power failure in the whole Belhaven/ Fondren area and the lights went out.

We lit candles to try and light the place and Rhonda did a short talk about her quilts (in the dark). On the bright side (pun intended), people did not leave. They seemed to still enjoy themselves and laughed about the power failure. Someone coined the phrase "art in the dark". They talked and ate the wonderful food (Rhonda's sister did the catering). Some carried candles around looking at things. People kept coming, even knowing there was a power failure.

Thanks to all that braved the weather and came to this great event. We will probably have another event with the lights on this time. More on that later as we figure it out the details.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Blues Tapestry

Rhonda Blasingame, quilt artist and exhibiting member of the Craftsmen's Guild of Mississippi, is the newest featured artist at ARTichoke. Join us Thursday, February 21, 2008 from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm for a reception honoring Rhonda and presenting her incredible art quilts. The theme of this show is "Blues Tapestry". Below, the artist describes her work and her inspirations.

"Although my work utilizes traditional quilting skills, my quilts are nothing like the ones I made with my grandmother. Contrast, color, design and subject matter are all used to create an overall "feel" to each piece. The fabrics I use are heavily textured and it's not unusual to see burlap or velvet in my work along with the traditional cottons.

Embellishments, whether beading or found objects or fibers, are used to enhance the overall design and add another layer of movement and texture. The threadwork on each piece may be dense or minimal and is chosen to highlight or minimize the different areas of the design.
All of my work incorporates my deep love of the South and the tradition of quilting in some way, either through the materials I use, the subject matter, or my chosen techniques for the piece.

Most of my quilts contain at least one piece of fabric that I have created myself through painting, dyeing or rust staining. Music is a recurring theme in my work because of the rich musical history of Mississippi, as is Mardi Gras, based on my own history of family from the Delta and the Gulf Coast. Traditions play a large part in my work, both through the themes I choose and the actual skills used in constructing the piece."

Let us know what you think of this piece and look for more on this site about Rhonda Blasingame and her upcoming exhibition at ARTichoke in the coming days and weeks.